Bringing hope to a suffering community

By: Elizabeth Frattarole

Imagine a rainy summer day turning into one of the deadliest floods in 2016, then suddenly losing everything you own… This was the situation for thousands of West Virginia residents this summer.

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Service learning with Mon County Habitat for Humanity

Written by: Lyndsey Bowers

For the 2016 fall semester, I had the privilege of partnering with local community organization, Mon County Habitat for Humanity (MCHFH). The organization was founded on the belief that everyone deserves a safe, durable place to live. Since its establishment, MCHFH has completed 42 homes, providing housing for over 180 individuals. Since I was participating in a service learning class in the Reed College of Media, I worked with a partner to implement our objectives for MCHFH. Most of our interactions with the organization were with executive director, Shawnda Cook. Despite some initial obstacles, the service learning experience was incredibly positive and allowed my partner and me to develop both professionally and personally.

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