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Global Public Relations

By: Sierra Worden 

You never really think about what all it takes to create a cohesive brand, but there are so many well crafted and detail oriented pieces in these puzzles. 

Public Relations is the reason why Apple is known for what they are known for across the world. A key piece of that is having a voice for your company.

The definition of global public relations is actions and strategic communications that are being carried out by a nonprofit, private or government entity that is trying to build and maintain relationships with the public. Essentially these are different organizations trying to spread information out to the masses. 

You may have heard of a company named Edelman, which is a global communications firm. They partner with many different businesses and organizations to promote, protect and evolve companies and their reputations. 

They have worked for many different companies like Heinz, Butterball, Starbucks, and Microsoft. These companies have public relations teams around the clock figuring out what works best for their voice. Like I said earlier, a brand's voice is crucial to the success of their company. A “ brand” voice is essentially how a business talks to its customers and people all around the world, through things like ads and promotions. 

Creating a voice is not the only key piece of creating a successful brand. 

How to Build a Public Relations Strategy?

  1. Research internal and external brand factors. 

  2. Outline your goals.

  3. Create a timeline for your PR campaigns.

  4. Select the right public relations tactics. 

  5. Track your results

These are five easy steps that everyone should keep in mind when working for a brand. These are great starting points for you to build upon as you get more experience in the industry. 

Creating a successful brand is hard within itself, but making it something international is even harder. These steps can make this transition from national to international business a little easier.