Coca-Cola Holiday Campaign

By: Emily Rinehart 

Every year, companies spend millions of dollars on campaigns specifically for the holidays in order to be a strong contender in the most competitive season for businesses. The holidays cause an increase in average spending every year, and every business wants a cut. This year alone it is predicted that holiday spending in December will be up 4.8% from last year.

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A Day at Brunner

By: Hannah Belt

Our PRSSA chapter recently had the opportunity to tour BrunnerWorks agency in Pittsburgh, PA. This was my first time ever visiting an agency, and it was so much better than I expected.

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Guide to Campaign Planning

By: Skyler Fleisher 

There are a few different ways to go about planning a campaign.  In Dr. Colistra's STCM 215 class in the Reed College of Media, she teaches her students to reference an acronym like ROPE, ROSIE, or RACE to have a successful campaign.

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Crisis Communication

By: Kelly O'Brien

Public Relations professionals have a lot of different types of responsibilities. When we think of a crisis that affects a large amount of people, often natural disasters come to mind. However, companies face their own smaller scale crises.  

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