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Professional Development

Develop Professionally

The PRSSA chapter at WVU is always looking for new opportunities to expand members professionalism skills as well as their public relations knowledge.

Upcoming Opportunity: 

Interested in growing as PR pro? Come join us for breakout session and various speakers on Saturday, April 7 at 9 a.m. in Martin Hall.

Network With the Pros

Networking with professionals is crucial for members to learn about the public relations field and to develop relationships with PR professionals.

Next tour: Brunner agency on November 30th 
Check out our most recent agency tours in Pittsburgh! 

Pittsburgh Penguins:


Check out these pictures from past agency tours!

Brunner Agency:
Brunner Agency Tour-Nov.14

Gatesman + Dave Agency Tour- Nov.14

Expand your Portfolio

Members can expand their portfolios by attending events that teach members new skills, create opportunities for networking and help members get the necessary training for their careers in public relations.

Ketchum MindFire:

Mind FireWhat:  Ketchum is expanding Mindfire, it's crowd sourcing site, and wants you! 

Who: Creative university students with a knack for problem-solving, who want real-world practice tackling Fortune 500 company challenges.

How: Mindfire community members receive password-protected access to a steady stream of challenges. Participants are asked to most at least 4 ideas per month on Mindfire.

Why Join? Ketchum offers prizes, career support and unique training opportunities to Mindfire members.