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Q&A with PRSSA: Why did you join PRSSA?

 Emma Magruder
Emma Magruder (President): 
  • "I joined PRSSA at the beginning of my junior year to get more involved with my major and my peers! After everything was online for a year, I was excited to get to know people in my major face-to-face and learn more about the industry that I wasn’t covering in my classes. PRSSA brought me in with the promise of meeting new people, and I’ve gained friendships and incredible opportunities along the way."

Jillian Peyton

Jillian Peyton (VP of External Relations): 

  • “I joined PRSSA to develop personally and professionally alongside a phenomenal group of students. PRSSA has provided me with the opportunity to learn from industry leaders and enhance the skills I’ve learned in the classroom.”  

Jessica Riley

Jessica Riley (VP of Internal Affairs): 

- “I joined PRSSA to expand my connections and receive opportunities that have helped me, tremendously, in gaining professional experience.” 

Ava Vavrick

Ava Vavrick (Secretary): 

- "I joined PRSSA because I saw an opportunity to succeed professionally. It did not fall short, PRSSA has helped me acquire many great experiences out of life." 

Grace Uy

Grace Uy (event coordinator): 

- “I joined because I wanted to get more involved in the Reed College of Media and to build my public relations skills overall. I am so happy I joined because I have met so many friends already and can’t wait to make more!”

Julie Bush

Julie Bush (Treasurer): 

  • “I joined PRSSA to make connections with other students in the college of media.”

Mallory Sibble

Mallory Sibble (Social Media Coordinator): 

- “I joined PRSSA to connect with other people in my field and gain real world experiences!”

Sierra Worden

Sierra Worden (Blog Coordinator): 

- “I joined PRSSA in order to gain more knowledge in the world of public relations. I have been able to learn so much about the world of media that would not be possible if I solely focused on journalism.”