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Make Your Vote Count!

By: Jordan Stosic & Nicole Andino


If you have ever doubted the significance of a single vote and its role in an election with millions of participants, consider the closest races in history. 

In 2016, three states gave the push to victory for President Donald Trump with less than 80,000 votes separating the difference between a victory and a loss. The time is now to get your vote in and have your voice heard!

Two of the biggest issues that cause an invalid ballot are incomplete and improperly mailed ballots. 

Here are two simple steps on how to make sure your ballot is counted : 

  1. Carefully read the entire ballot and fill out the proper information and required signatures. *Note black or blue pen is required!*
  2. After completing your ballot, place it in the white secrecy envelope, indicating the official ballot. Then place the concealed ballot in the pre-addressed return envelope and sign your name! 

*Note that your signatures must match! A difference in your signature on the ballot versus on the shipping envelope can cause an invalid ballot*

Now complete your ballots and put them in the mail today or hand deliver to a county election office by 8:00 p.m. on Nov. 3!