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Learn more about the Executive board Positions

By: Brittany Osteen

Want to get more involved in Public Relations Student Society of America? The Executive Board is a great way to network, build skills and work as leader. Here are all the available positions and what they do!

Blaithe (President)

The President is in charge of overseeing all actions conducted by the executive board and chapter as a whole. This individual must work directly with the chapter advisor, Dr. Pressgrove, to ensure all goals are met by the team and we continue to grow as a student organization. The President communicates with the national PRSSA committee and various PRSSA chapters nation wide to coordinate efforts as well. 

Hayleigh Moore (VP of Internal Relations)

The Vice President of Internal Relations is responsible for coordinating guest speakers and workshops for the chapter meetings. This year, the VPI also created the new member induction event and planned the professional development workshop.  

Nick Morin (VP of External Relations)

The VP of External Relations is tasked with facilitating and organizing chapter visits to professional agencies and organizations. I work with the PRSSA Treasurer to create budget sheets and make reservations with hotels, car rentals, etc. Along with planning trips, I make contacts with industry leaders to help create a bond between our chapter and their organization, thus helping members gather networking contacts for post-graduation job opportunities. 

Lyndsey Bowers (Secretary)

The secretary’s duties include, but are not limited to, creating newsletters containing chapter events and information, customizing an agenda for each meeting, and sending recaps and announcements from other exec members. The secretary is also tasked with leading member recruitment and attendance monitoring.

Maya Tretheway (PR Director)

The PR Director is responsible for producing the chapter blog on a regular basis throughout the year. This includes picking a relevant topic for the blog and editing the final version to be posted on the WVU PRSSA website. Another task for the PR Director is to host a fundraising event that will benefit a 501(c)(3) organization. The fundraising event we will be hosting this year is called "Let's Eat: A Multicultural Food Tasting Festival." It will be WVU PRSSA's second year hosting the event where all proceeds go towards the Mountaineer Boys & Girls Club. 

BryannaMcCullough (Creative Director)

The Creative Director’s duties focus on creating graphics and flyers for all meetings, events and workshops. During these events, the creative director should work with the Social Engagement Chair to ensure there are enough photos being taken. In addition, the Creative Director is in charge of keeping the website updated, and working with the PR Director to post the blogs.   

McKenzie Hall (Social Engagement Chair)

The Social Engagement Chair is tasked with running all social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. During events, the chairmen is using Facebook Live to share the event, live tweeting, and working with the Creative Director to get photos for Instagram. This position must monitor and report the engagement statistics, as well as update the bulletin board in Martin Hall on a bi-weekly basis. 

Lexi Farmer (Community Service Chair)

The Community Service Chair is responsible for planning the chapter’s community service events throughout the year. As a chapter, we always partner with the Rosenbaum House for an event, but we also look for unique ways that we can use our skills to benefit the community.

Aiko Roth (Chapter Analyst)

The Chapter Analyst is in charge with our Alumni communications. This position helps the VPI and the treasurer by communicating and maintaining a strong relationship with our alumni. This individual is also responsible for archiving all productions and information for the chapter to submit at the end of the semester for awards.